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New Directions

Clearly, last semester’s workload got away from me, as I’ve been embarrassingly neglectful of my blog!  My apologies.

Recapping the semester, however, I have just learned that a paper I wrote for my Archives class has been selected for presentation at the IU Chapter of the Society of American Archivists’ conference in March!  My paper was on lawyers in archives, surveying issues ranging from archivists handling attorney requests for access to archival materials to lawyers donating their personal papers to archival collections and the ethical implications involved.  I am quite excited and honored to have the opportunity to present this paper in March, and am looking forward to the experience!

In other news, this week I am beginning a semester-long internship with the reference department at Indiana University-Bloomington’s Maurer School of Law.  As a requirement of the internship, I am meant to keep a log of my experiences, and I have decided to use this blog for those purposes.  I will post at least once a week, reflecting on experiences I’ve had and projects I’m working on.  My internship begins later this week, so more to come soon…


I am the Assistant Director for Public Services at Indiana University's Maurer School of Law. My research interests include exploring how emerging and existing technologies can be used to enhance library services and legal education as well as how to address knowledge gaps and meet the educational expectations of today's law students.

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