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Another New Direction

After 20+ years of education, I have achieved it – gainful employment!  What’s more, it is a job in a field that I love (law librarianship) at a library that I love (Indiana University Maurer School of Law Library).  Beginning on July 1st, I am the educational technologies librarian at the law school, responsible for incorporating emerging technologies into library projects, as well as assisting willing faculty members with the incorporation of technology into their course preparation and execution.  In essence, this is a very broad job description, meaning that the possibilities for what I can do in this position are far-reaching.  Having worked here for two years as a student while earning my master’s in library science, I could not be more thrilled to receive a permanent position here as well!

This means, however, that my blog is now taking another turn.  What began as a general exploratory blog evolved into a reflections journal during my internship and is now evolving again to chart my professional development and the development of this position generally as time progresses.  In addition to posting on projects I am working on at IU, I will also write about advancements in educational technology generally.

Look forward to more to come!


I am the Assistant Director for Public Services at Indiana University's Maurer School of Law. My research interests include exploring how emerging and existing technologies can be used to enhance library services and legal education as well as how to address knowledge gaps and meet the educational expectations of today's law students.

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