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Of Mice and Men…Adventures in Weekend Reference

With the semester in full swing, we’re back to weekend reference rotations, and I was first out of the starting gate.  In all, weekend reference really isn’t that bad – it only happens once or twice a semester, and it’s just four hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Most of the time, it’s pretty quiet on the weekends at the library, so you can actually get a decent amount of work done.  (Oftentimes for me weekend reference means spring cleaning in the office.)  I started my shift yesterday, however, with an unexpected task: vermin disposal.  Dead mouse in the kitchen.  No custodians until Sunday night.  I better do something about it.  (I thought about calling Facilities, but that seemed a little too embarrassing!)  So with a little squeamishness and timidity, I took care of Mickey.  R.I.P.  Never to bother our desk attendants again.

In telling the tale of my ‘heroics’ to my Dad, however, his reaction was, “Wait, you didn’t save the trap?”  No, Dad, the disposal was conducted in one fluid movement in which I kept from looking at the mouse in any great detail.  I was not too concerned about the trap (and would have actually been more concerned about the unhealthiness of removing a dead mouse from the trap and resetting it for more guests).

Beyond that, the weekend has been quiet and uneventful, except for the moment when a toddler came bounding into the Reference Office and proceeded to chew on a legal research text before her mother caught up to her.  While I know progress has been made on office organization, it doesn’t really look like it; but then there are still a couple hours left in today’s shift…