This is the blog of Ashley Ahlbrand, Educational Technology and Reference Librarian at Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, Indiana.  This blog has had many personalities since I began it (and I’ll admit, I’m not as fervent a blogger as I ought to be!); it began as a means for me to reflect on things I was learning about law librarianship while studying to become a law librarian; in the Spring of 2012 it changed slightly to serve as journal for my internship at the reference desk at Maurer School of Law; now, having been hired as a law librarian at Maurer, the blog is a means for me to reflect on my experiences in this job – the things I’m doing, the places I’m going, the technologies I’m learning.

(P.S. The header?  My dog.  None of the default images I found in any of the themes really felt like me!)

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